3 Reasons not to get an economy seat at the MCI Airport

This week’s travel tips are all about getting what you pay for. If you’re purchasing a ticket on Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, or Alaska Air, you know you’re buying a bare bones economy seat. These are the most budget-friendly ticket prices, but they don’t always include things like seat assignments and carry-ons. You’ll have to pay for large carry-ons, checked baggage, and often snacks and drinks. And now that the big box airlines—Delta, United, and American—are offering these tickets, things are bound to get confusing. If you’re leaving from MCI airport or another Kansas City airport, after you call your KC limo service to ensure a on-time and cost effective ride to your destination airport, make sure you’ve double checked the ticket you’ve bought – especially if you have more than just a small personal item to take on the plane.

You can’t change seats, exchange or change your ticket, or be eligible for an upgrade with these bare bones fares, either. The most confusing part for many travelers is that now these fares are searchable with regular ticket prices from OTAs (online travel agencies) like Priceline and Orbitz. It can be difficult to decipher which kind of cheap economy class flight you’re booking, if there’s a way to delineate between these tickets at all!

When you begin your booking process on almost any OTA (online travel agency), you’ll be given a choice of four seating categories: economy/coach, premium economy, business, or first class. Because basic economy is still relatively new to the larger airlines, these fares often get mixed in with the economy/coach option. Kayak.com has added a basic economy section for booking tickets, but the other larger travel retailers have yet to follow suit. While Expedia is also working to brand these basic economy seats, Priceline’s methods are much more confusing.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re booking a basic economy seat, you should probably book directly with the airline, via website or phone. Online travel agencies are not always the most straightforward, while airline websites are required to be more up front. It’s best to have adequate information about what fare you’re buying, because you don’t want to take an NJ limo service to the airport, arrive with large carry-on bags, and have to incur another cost. Additionally, should something happen and the need arise to change your ticket, you’ll be liable for paying the full fare if you’ve bought a basic economy. With the cheaper price comes much less security.

Whether you’re flying economy, business class, or coach at MCI Airport, Prestige Transportation is the best KC limo and car service to handle your transportation needs, especially in the Kansas City and surrounding area airports. While traveling can be confusing, our process and pricing is straightforward, and our customer service representative truly want to work with you. Call or contact us today for first-class treatment at an economy price!

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