Our Story

We built the car service we wished we could find for ourselves.

A Life Changing Date

I don’t know how I convinced her, but I asked Vanessa on a date and she said yes.

She Started It.

One day, early in our relationship, Vanessa said, “You know, you could run a transportation company better than what your employer could.” I timidily respond with, “You are probably right, but it’s a lot of work running your own company.” The next day, without me knowing, Vanessa went out and formed the LLC. We now had a transportation company.

We’re all in.

After running Prestige Transportation part-time and working full-time, in 2018 I quit my full-time job to give Prestige the attention it needed so it could grow. It has been a wild ride ever since and none of us are looking back.

Our Team

Vanessa Taylor Owner & Co-Founder
Jason Taylor Co-Founder
Kahala Reasoner Office Manager
Jamal Chauffeur
Fred Chauffeur
Frederick Chauffeur
Josh Chauffeur
Terry Chauffeur
Joe Chauffeur
Todd Chauffeur