4 Tips for Traveling with Kids at the Kansas City Airport

Family travelers know that getting the kids together for a trip and loading them up for the Kansas City Airport can be a terrifying and stressful proposition. But there are ways to plan ahead of time for your children to be conscientious travelers, which will decrease your stress and the passengers and other travelers around you. It’s not always easy to know if your children are ready to go on a large scale vacation – where you will take planes, trains, and/or automobiles – but they can be trained from an early age to be mindful of others and exercise common courtesy.

Even super parents can’t always have the perfect kids, but with these children’s travel hacks, we think we can help you and your kids be on the way to travel bliss. If you’re heading to our area, be sure to book your Kansas City airport limo service. You’ll have plenty of stress-free room for the kids, and we love helping families have great vacations! Otherwise, try these tips:

Bring engrossing distractions. Does your kid always want increased iPad time? Is there a series or game your child can watch or play as a reward for good behavior leading up to your trip? Bring long-life distractions, like complicated games, shows with several episodes to watch, and a couple of books. If your child loves Harry Potter, bring books and movies. You will need to create a world for them to entertain themselves while the travel world buzzes around them.

Wear headphones. Your child will need headphones for everything – iPads, mp3 players, portable game consoles. Do not let your child get away with listening to anything with the volume even on low, as it can disturb those around you. Let them have all the fun they want, as long as it can be heard only through ear buds.

Bring clean snacks. Fruit, crackers, and easy foods are great for kids who need a nosh. There’s no need to bring overly sweet or sticky foods, or any snacks that require a lot of preparation. Children do not need candy on planes, especially, as they can get hyper and then cranky from a sugar crash. Couple that with long flights and KC limo service rides, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Now’s not the time to ignore your kid’s bad behavior. Sometimes it can be an effective tactic at home, but when in public, it’s inappropriate to ignore a child who is behaving badly in hopes they will stop without attention. Talk to your child before the trip, and walk them through every element of the transportation situation, so that they – and you – have clear behavioral expectations. Some parents pack a bribe, even if it’s against their better judgement. Ease of travel is sometimes more difficult to achieve than consistent discipline, and no one can blame you for it!

If you’re traveling to Kansas City, KC limo services can seem like expensive options. At Prestige Transportation, we offer affordable family rates for all our limo services and always provide our first consultation for free. Let’s have a conversation about your needs and your family’s traveling chops – give us a call or contact us online today.

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