Big 12 Tournament Events and Tournament Car Service

Forget just marking out a red-letter day: for basketball fans across the Kansas City metro, March is a veritable red-letter month. You know why – March Madness is coming, which means that the Big 12 tournament is playing. Kansas City has served as the host to this tournament more often than not, and this year is no exception. Many of you will be content to merely watch the game on TV. But for the super fans out there, that isn’t enough to whet your appetite for all things basketball-related. For those of you who wish to partake in the festivities, this list will serve as your guide to the big events and goings-on during the tournament. And if you don’t want to deal with the stress of driving in all the traffic, for this event or others, then feel free to contact us for your Kansas City car service needs.

  1. Watch the Big 12 Basketball Tournament games live at the Kansas City Sprint Center

This one should be obvious. From March 16th through the 22nd you can watch the games live in the Sprint Center. Ticket prices range from $195 to $350, and show times range from 11:30am to 8pm. Since these dates include the weekend you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a game that fits your schedule. You can head to the Sprint Center’s website for more information and/or to purchase tickets.

  1. The True Fan Experience at the Big 12 Tournament

Located on the Grand Boulevard during the days when the games are playing, super fans will have the opportunity to spend the day indulging in music, games, and promotions concerning all things basketball-related. Information is a bit sparse before the tournament, but this page details the time and days when you can join this experience. Note: if you search for more info on this, just bear in mind that some pages are from different years and list different dates and times.

  1. The College Basketball Experience

Located at the Sprint Center during the whole month of March, the College Football Experience (CBE for short) is what can only be described as a museum on steroids. Featuring a whole host of interactive features and media, endless arrays of facts from the well-known to the obscure and arcane, a detailed breakdown of basketball’s origin (including the role Kansas City played in it) and even a gift shop, the CBE is unique in that it doesn’t consist of just dusty exhibits. The CBE focuses heavily on the interactive side of things, and many of the exhibits involve putting you in the shoes (ahem) of a basketball player and coach, giving you a far more memorable and involved experience.

The CBE’s website page gives you the days and hours of operation, as well as ticket prices.

  1. The Kansas City Big 12 Run

Maybe you don’t want to just watch all the excercise during the Big 12 Basketball Tournament and would rather join in. Whether you are a passionate runner or simply wanting to get some exercise, on March 12th at 10 am you can feel the breeze in your face and the burn in your legs by signing up for either the 5K or 12K run that will take place. Each person who crosses the finishing line will receive a medal, so there’s no pressure! The event takes place straight in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Note: if you want to look up more info on this, some pages will give the day as March 16th – that is the date from 2018.

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