Tips for getting the best prom limo rental

For many young men and women across America, prom night winds up being one of their most definitive high school experiences. As such, the kids and the parents want to do everything in their power to make prom night as memorable as possible. For some people, this entails renting a limousine after the dance to carry off their date back home or to a fancy restaurant. If you are looking for a proper Kansas City prom limo rental, there are a few things you should look for to ensure that you receive the highest quality services for a reasonable price, because you shouldn’t mess around when it comes to your prom limo rental.

  1. How much does it cost to rent a limo?

Logically, this should be the first thing you even consider. Limousines are commonly rented by the hour, but many (although not all) companies require a two or three-hour minimum. Then you have to factor in the time of day and the day of the week: take Horizon Limousines, for example. Their pricing changes depending on the time and day you request a service, and the price of tips (usually 15-20%) are not factored into the final total. The rates don’t always include additional fees or surcharges, so before you commit call and see if the quoted rates are all-inclusive. Some unscrupulous companies may include extras you didn’t ask for (like champagne) and charge you for them if you don’t say anything, so be wary of that when checking the listed prices.

  1. Type of Custom Limousines

Not all limousines are created with the same specifications. Many limos range in size from smaller 6-person cars to ones that can support upwards of 15 or more people. In addition, many companies also offer the option of renting party buses, sprinters, trolleys and more. Make sure you know how many people will be riding, because you don’t want to wind up spending more money to rent out a vehicle that was larger than needed. A good example of the diversity in offerings (and rates) can be seen here.

  1. Limo Service Experience and Reputation

Make sure the company in question is in good standing and has been in the business for some time. While the length of operation isn’t an automatic determinant of the quality of service they provide, a company that treats its customers poorly and tries to rip them off isn’t likely to stay in business for more than a few years. Searching the company’s website for reviews isn’t the best way to get an unbiased perspective of their services, so browse sites like , Yelp and Angie’s List to get an idea of what the customers are saying about the company.

  1. Prom Limo Service Packages

Some places offer packages for weddings, parties, concerts, proms and more. This is an example of a prom package offered by one of Kansas City’s limo companies. These are a great way to get a better car and/or rate than what is normally offered, but stipulations do occasionally apply – note that the rates quoted mandate a minimum 4 hour rental time. A lot of companies in the KC area will be offering specials for prom nights, so make sure to shop around for the best deal.

  1. Check for Licensing, Registration, and Credentials

The decision to check or overlook this can have potentially serious ramifications for the health and safety of the passengers. Limousine companies are supposed to keep all of their vehicles registered as well as be licensed within the state in which they operate. Furthermore, their chauffeurs are supposed to be properly licensed for the job – a standard driver’s license isn’t good enough. Ask to see all of this information – if the company refuses to do so, that is a major red flag and likely indicates that they have something to hide. A reputable company operating within the boundary of the law should have no problem providing this information upon request.

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