Opening Day Car Service for the Royals Game

So the day of the big Royals game has arrived. You’ve bought your tickets well in advance, you have cash for food and souvenirs, you’re decked out in your favorite team’s full regalia…but you drive to the stadium and realize what a complete nightmare it is. The parking lot is a complete zoo, there are people everywhere, the traffic situation sucks, the parking fees bleed you dry, you have to park way in the back…just getting into the stadium and back home can be incredibly exhausting. This is why many people opt to use chauffeur services and professional Royals game transportation to get themselves to and from the game.

The cost of these services isn’t nearly as bad as you might expect, and the saved time and trouble makes it an attractive alternative to having to navigate that route by yourself. The following reasons should provide a compelling narrative to use a car service the next time you want to see the big game:


  1. Convenience

This goes without saying – you don’t actually *have* to use a chauffeur limousine service in Kansas City to the stadium, just like you don’t *have* to have pizza delivered to your doorstep, or items shipped to your house from stores that are already close by. But the convenience of not having to worry about getting to and from the venue is such an attractive proposition that many of you will consider it just on that merit alone. And it isn’t just strictly about convenience – you don’t run the risk of getting into an accident with your car or hitting a pedestrian by mistake. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about parking and finding your car later on, which brings me to…

  1. The Staging Areas

A staging area is an exclusive designated spot where drivers pick you up and drop you off. Anybody who has had to navigate a parking lot during the big game understands what a hassle it is to have to find a spot, avoid hitting clueless pedestrians and pay what seems like an exorbitant fee for parking. A professional car service that exists to ferry you to and from your destination will receive their own space where they are to pick you up and drop you off at the specified times. This effectively lets the you and your driver bypass the congestion and insanity of the parking lot, making the trip to and from a whole lot easier and safer.

  1. The Cost is Actually Quite Reasonable

Going in your own car isn’t cheap. Take this for example: the cost of parking at the Ballpark Village can run as high as $40 on game day, not including any other fees incurred (gas, tolls, etc). The cost of chartering a vehicle, even after fees are considered, can actually be quite reasonable, especially if you will indulge in adult beverages at the game, as you should. When you take into consideration the fees and hassle incurred when you go by yourself plus the risk associated with drinking and driving, it actually winds up being cheaper, and nearly all time it is easier.

  1. Easy Solution for Larger Parties

Sporting events are seldom enjoyed alone. Chances are your equally enthusiastic friends will also want to attend the big Royals game. This is where logistics and cost can be an issue: driving multiple cars to the same venue is enough of a hassle; paying for the gas, tolls and parking involved can add up fast. You can use limos and party buses for larger crowds without breaking the bank. If a large group of people plan on going, just rent one decked-out bus. Economy of scale works in your favor, as taking one vehicle is usually cheaper than taking multiple ones.

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