Waterfront Hotels For Any Occasion

It’s many people’s dream to one day own a home on the waterfront—be that a beach, gulf, or lake house. Unfortunately, that’s a dream that is still very distant to many of us. Until then, one way to live out this fantasy is by booking a couple nights’ stay in a luxurious, waterfront hotel. Many such locations are quickly becoming vacations in and of themselves by offering an abundance of services such as spas and private beaches, as well as easy access to boutiques, restaurants, and bars. This week we have our best travel tips on the best of the best for you to unwind.

Whether it is for a rambunctious family vacation, a quiet getaway for two, or a place to relax in between business meetings, you are bound to find something that fits your needs from our top three choices for beach and lakefront hotels! As always, Prestige Transportation has you covered for that comfortable, efficient trip to and from the airport.

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. This pretty Dana Point number is perched atop a seaside bluff and provides you with an uninterrupted view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s family friendly with its miles of clean, white sand, but still has intimate spaces for more private couples—such as its California Rivera Orange County’s 2011 “Restaurant of the Year”, Raya. For those of you looking for more athletic jaunts, The Ritz-Carlton contains a sprawling golf course – perfect for a day of swinging! Either way, you’re sure to experience a trip unlike any other at this secluded beach treat.

The Delano, South Beach. On the more southern side of things is this beachside waterfront hotel that is completely self-contained in South Beach, Florida. Not only does this location feature the Gulf beach, but it also is home to restaurants, a nightclub, several boutiques, and a relaxing spa. Of special note here is its Delano Beach Club, which offers cabanas and pool-side service at the hotel’s private pool space. The Delano is more suited to adults with its plethora of nightlife and luxury services, and is sure to help make it a trip to remember!

Fairmont Waterfront. This hotel is far from both Florida and California as it resides in Vancouver, Canada. Although its location sprouts images of snowdrifts and skiing, you will be astonished by the mountainous backdrop of the Fairmont as you swim in its heated pools, kayak in its lake, and enjoy the variety of shops, restaurants, and nightlife closely connected to the Fairmont. For those of you looking for a truly different experience, this location offers a “gold” floor, where you can enjoy the best views and special privileges. If you’re looking to attend a conference or other business matters in the Vancouver area, this is without a doubt the hotel for you. Don’t forget to explore the harbor arena at this waterfront hotel!

Would you stay at any of these on your next adventure? Remember that you can always rely on Prestige Transportation to get you going on your next getaway. Call us today for any of your transportation needs and for the best Kansas City limo services and car services.

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