Think Twice Before Posting Your Boarding Pass On Social Media

Before you share your next destination with all your online friends maybe you should think twice. Our travel tips in this post can save your identity, not just save you time! Although this may sound ridiculous, it is one of the first things that people tend to do, before they get on their first class plane trip and embark on their journey. This is most likely a trend which started with celebrities, but we cannot deny that every time we plan on going on a trip we want to document as many things as possible. And how do we do this? Social media of course. Many younger and older people tend to share every detail of their experience with the world, instead of making memories just for themselves. However, what we tend to forget is that a simple thing as a boarding pass can be a gateway for hackers to steal our identity.

This is important for occasion travelers, as well as newly married couples going on their honeymoon, which we often help with our wedding transportation in Kansas City, MO.

Still not convinced?

By posting our boarding pass on the internet for everyone to see, hackers can easily use this to find important information about us, such as the time of our flight, the class we will be flying on, and go as far as finding out our name and surname and even our seat number.

Although many people don’t realize this, the barcode of your boarding pass has many valuable information which in the hands of the wrong person is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, next time you are thinking of sharing something like this with the world, remember that someone may use that information against you.

If you are still on the fence then a quick Instagram search will reveal thousands and thousands of boarding passes posted regularly, making the hackers’ job that much easier. Due to this, instead of helping hackers reach our information easier, we should probably refrain ourselves from putting such information on the internet.

If all of this isn’t worse enough, if a third party got their hands on your information they will not only be able to see which airline you are traveling, how regularly you are traveling and where you are going, but even the last four numbers of your credit card. Imagine the power they will have with that information in their hands. Even worse, since our accounts are more often than not linked to some address, the perpetrator will also be able to get to that information.

Therefore, it is more than obvious that some things should be left out of the public’s eyes and no matter how much we want to follow certain trends, we should first make sure that they are safe, and that we are not falling into a trap. However, when it comes to safety of our possessions, Prestige Transportation, the most reliable Kansas City limo service, offers the safest travel to any destination. Nowadays, the number of people you can trust might be getting smaller, but you should always place your trust in Prestige Transportation KC Limo, since they make sure that you and your belongings arrive safe to your final destination.

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