KCI Airport Update

Details from the Director (October 2019)

The new KCI is fully underway! The demolition of Terminal A is complete and you will see construction at the airport for the foreseeable future. The decisions being made right now in City Hall and at KCI will determine the experience you will have as our clients. That’s why we’ve kept a careful watch during the planning stages of the new KCI airport layout. 

Prestige Transportation recently testified in front of the City Council on behalf of our clients regarding your needs and expectations when the new Kansas City airport is finished. Due to our testimony, Prestige Transportation was granted a meeting with KCI Airport Director Patrick Klein.

During our meeting with Director Klein, he disclosed that March 2023 is the hard date set for the new KCI airport opening. It’s important to the city to keep this date in time for the NFL Draft, which will be held in Kansas City in May 2023.

KCI Airport’s New 2-Level Layout

The layout of the new KCI airport will have two levels. The upper level will be for departures where we will still be able to provide you with curbside drop-offs. The lower level will be for arrivals, where our chauffeurs will come inside to the baggage claim area to greet you and assist in retrieving your bags. The lower level street layout will have similarities to the current KCI airport terminals — once outside there will be three lanes for those being picked up by family members or friends, then a curb, and then a commercial lane for black car services. Your experience riding with us at the new KCI should be very similar to your experience now which is what we have been advocating.

We will continue to advocate on behalf of our clients to ensure your transportation experience will be met at the new KCI airport. We plan to keep meeting with Director Klein regularly and will keep you informed with future updates. In the meantime, see why were are the best in airport transportation by watching our video here.

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