Is your prom party bus or limo legal?

If you have started the search for a limo service in Kansas City in order to rent a prom party bus or limo, you’ve got plenty to think about. We take pride in the city limo service Prestige Transportation provides, but during prom season, we really just want to support you in your search. Here are a few things to look for to make sure you are getting a reputable service.

  1. Inspect the Vehicles

Once you book with a local company, consider asking to see the vehicle in person. You can visit the company or ask them to bring it to your home. Really! Vehicles can look great on websites, but when a 15-year-old dilapidated limo shows up, it’s disappointing for everyone.

  1. Insurance Amounts

Limo insurance should be a top concern when you select a company. If the biggest vehicle in their fleet holds 15 people or less, like a prom party bus, the company should carry $1.5 million of insurance. If their largest vehicle holds more than that, the company is required to carry a $5 million policy. We have a $5 million policy.

  1. Legality of the Company

It seems logical that companies with enough advertisements to get your attention wouldn’t be operating without a license, but this KC Star article proves otherwise.To check if a company is legal, visit the US DOT website and search the company name. Be sure to add the state in your search for best results.

Feel free to use us as an example. Type in “Prestige Transportation” for the company name and enter “Kansas” for the state. Once you click “search” the site will generate a report. On this report, look for 2 things. Number one: do they have the correct insurance amount on file? Number two: look for a box labeled “Passenger”. The box should indicate “Yes”. Almost done! Now look for a box labeled “Common Authority”. This box should indicate “Active”. If both items match up, the Kansas City transportation company or limo company you are searching is legally opperating.

We understand you have many options for prom transportation in the Kansas City metro area. As parents ourselves, we also know just how worrisome prom season can be. Regardless of who you choose, we hope these prom transportation tips help your family make prom planning easier. And if you’re looking for a chauffeurred car service for the big night, we’d love to chat on the phone to answer any questions you have to see whether Prestige Transportation is the right car service for your teen’s event.

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